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5 tips to protect your skin from winter sun damage

5 tips to protect your skin from winter sun damage


Did you know that UVA rays are the number one cause of skin ageing and skin cancer? Despite the drop in temperature, the sun’s harmful rays are just as strong and damaging in winters. And with people spending a lot of time soaking up the winter sun it can leave a long-lasting impact on their skin as UVA radiation reaches deeper. This season, Bharti Taneja, aesthetician, cosmetologist and founder-director of capital-based Alps Beauty Clinics gives us a few winter skincare tips.

Dry skin: Dry skin tends to be drier in winter months and often show signs of flakiness and cracks if not treated and nourished properly. To combat these, apart from moisturising, apply a cream-based sunscreen that’ll protect your skin while nurturing it from deep within. So, don’t forget to pat-on some sunscreen cream with adequate Sun Protection Factor (SPF) whenever you step outside.

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