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A Relationship Built To Last: Affinity Photo And You

A Relationship Built To Last: Affinity Photo And You

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Wedding Photography Editing With Affinity


There are few more important times to impress your photography clients than when you’re shooting their wedding. Extraordinary, Instagrammable images are now the expectation rather than the exception, but given the unpredictable nature of a wedding day, sometimes a little help is needed to elevate a shot, turning it from good to great. This is where Affinity Photo comes into its own. With a full range of tools powerful enough for professionals, but easy enough for newcomers to pick up quickly, the subscription-free Affinity Photo has to be a serious consideration for any wedding photographer’s suite of tools, even if you’re working on an iPad. 


Create With Confidence

A Relationship Built To Last: Affinity Photo And You 1


Thanks to its non-destructive editing process, Affinity Photo rewards experimentation without the danger of permanently ruining an image. You can play with the sliders, adjust your crop, exposure or contrast, and take a few risks, knowing that the original image is always there to roll back to if and when you need to. This freedom gives photographers the confidence to be creative, and step outside their comfort zone. The layers system, which will be familiar to anyone who has digitally edited images in the past, offers the creative freedom photographers are used to, along with a fully featured toolset to make the most of your clients’ precious images. 


Brighten Dull Days

A Relationship Built To Last: Affinity Photo And You 2


A clear, sunny wedding day is at the top of most brides’ (and their photographers’) wish lists, but as the old football adage goes “can they do it on a wet Tuesday in Stoke?” Affinity Photo makes adding a little sunshine to a dull day simple. Whether you need add a little golden hour glow, a spectacular lens flare, or replace the entire sky, the tools are at your fingertips. Using a combination of the layers and live filters gives you the power to ramp up the impact of your images, and give your brides the wedding album they dreamed of, even if the weather on the day didn’t behave as everyone hoped. 


Retouch Like A Pro

A Relationship Built To Last: Affinity Photo And You 3


When it comes to wedding portraits, soft and dreamy light is the order of the day, and Affinity Photo has you covered. Within the Live Filters menu, you will find a fantastically versatile Gaussian blur filter to enhance your brides’ natural beauty. By adding a soft glow, and a little warm light, you can elevate your images and blow your clients away. Use this in conjunction with the integrated Frequency Separation filter to further enhance skin and remove any blemishes, and you have a formidable set of retouching tools at your disposal to bring your creative vision to life. 


Love Your Luts

A Relationship Built To Last: Affinity Photo And You 4


With a fully-featured luts (presets) system (and a vibrant community of creators) Affinity Photo really becomes a sandbox for wedding photographers to try new looks. The software comes bundled with a range of luts ready to use out of the box, with thousands more available across the internet. Whether you’re looking for old-school film looks, cinematic edits, or something a little more off-kilter, you’ll find a wealth of new styles to really make your next wedding stand out. With all luts compatible with Affinity Photo on all platforms, it’s never been easier to get a consistent look across an entire shoot, whether you are editing in the studio or on the move. 


Bring Back Bokeh

A Relationship Built To Last: Affinity Photo And You 5


If you’re blessed with a bright, sunny day, and you’re forced to shoot with a slower aperture, you can easily lose out on all that dreamy bokeh that wedding clients love so much. With a little Affinity Photo trickery, you can easily bring back that gorgeous background blue, and really make your bridal portraits pop. By simply using the Depth Of Field live filter, you can draw attention to the area of the image you want, or hide distractions in plain sight, with natural looking, aesthetically pleasing bokeh.

With all of the above, and so many more features which wedding photographers of all persuasions will appreciate, it’s no surprise that Affinity Photo is rapidly gaining popularity with professionals who need a fully-featured, reliable suite of professional-grade tools, without committing to a subscription-based package. 

Affinity Photo v1.10 is out now, with no subscription. It’s received extensive performance tweaks, most importantly in adding greater efficiency when blending layers together, while retaining a non-destructive workflow – a key attribute that sets Affinity Photo apart from the competition.

The new approach also introduces some options to ensure editing speed remains slick even after building up a complex stack of hundreds of pixel and vector layers, and filter effects, while still maintaining the full layer stack.

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