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Canon’s Firmware Update for the R5 Gives You an Extra 5 Minutes of 8K Before the Camera Shuts Down

Canon's Firmware Update for the R5 Gives You an Extra 5 Minutes of 8K Before the Camera Shuts Down

Canon has released a firmware update for the Canon EOS R5 to improve the temperature detection and video recording time control. Tests done by DPReview suggest that the improvements are far from dramatic.

In this video, Jordan Drake ran two R5s side-by-side, one with the new firmware and one with the old firmware. The amount of 8K IPB recorded by the camera with the new firmware was an extra five minutes — possible not quite the improvements that prospective R5 buyers were hoping to see from the Japanese manufacturer.

4K HQ wasn’t much different, with the new firmware offering almost ten additional minutes of recording. Check out the video in full to find out how much quicker the camera recovers from an overheating shutdown, and how it fares when switching to video after an hour of shooting stills.

The update “improves temperature detection and video recording time control” and perhaps the biggest change is that there is now no overheat control when using an external recorder. Canon also claims that the timer is now more accurate if you frequently switch off the camera in between recording short clips.

While certainly welcome, an extra five or ten minutes of high-quality video is probably not the improvement that many videographers were anticipating. Having an additional 25% record time is no doubt useful, but being able to gauge accurately and have confidence in a camera while filming intermittently over the course of a day’s shoot will still be of most concern to the majority of users.

Speculation continues as to whether the R5 is measuring temperature or simply running a seemingly arbitrary timer that deliberately cripples the camera in order to prevent it from being a viable alternative to many of Canon’s cinema-line cameras. Users are finding ingenious (and perhaps fairly useless) methods to bypass the timer, with some achieving three times more 8K footage than Canon intended. As Drake mentions in this video, Canon is being fairly quiet about the overheating issues and some transparency would probably be welcome.

According to this video from Gordon Laing, the R5 has three sensors — two for internal temperature and one for ambient — and the new firmware checks these sensors more frequently, allowing the timer to be more accurate.

The announcement from Canon doesn’t give many insights. “We have welcomed feedback on areas for improvement of the EOS R5,” explains Richard Shepherd, Canon’s Pro Product Marketing Senior Manager, “and we continuously listen to customer feedback to inform the development of current and future products to ensure they meet the changing demands of creators. In the above firmware update we have included small but worthwhile improvements for EOS R5 video recording times based on early feedback.”

Does an extra five minutes of 8K or ten minutes of 4K HQ make a difference? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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