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dark_lord’s latest blog : powis castle (going down and going up)


Powis Castle (Going Down and Going Up)

26 Aug 2020 2:59PM  
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Powis Castle is a National Trust property in Wales. I’m revisiting a folder of images I took four years ago.

The lockdown caused by the Coronavirus curtailed many activities but has given the opportunity to look again at images taken over the last few years and complete their processing. By that I mean edit the collection and create final versions. As I only shoot RAW format the original captures need to be converted to tiffs from which I can then create jpegs when required such as for upload to this blog. I’ve decided to create some monochrome versions too.


It was a day out of the blue on my visit, warm with lots of blue sky. Ideal for setting off the Mediterranean Garden.

Coming back to any set of images at a later date gives me a more objective view of them. It’s easy to get so embroiled in the images from a shoot that ruthless editing doesn’t happen and you end up with more images than you need. Or will use. Clearly there will be the need to remove those images that are not focussed or exposed well, for example. Then there are those where the composition doesn’t sit right and for which even cropping won’t help. Fortunately there were very few that fell into those categories!


You may notice that I create a lot of mono images these days, so going back to a set of pictures I can look at them with fresh eyes and consider the black and white possibilities. There were quite a few here. Even the wisteria looks good converted though I can understand many will prefer colour.


All text and images © Keith Rowley 2020

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