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dudler’s latest blog : i wanna see the sunshine after the rain


I wanna see the sunshine after the rain

23 Aug 2020 12:17PM  
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A chance comment by a photographer on her image yesterday set me thinking about our relationship with rain (and Elkie Brooks).

The first level of photography (and going out for a walk or a drive) is to want to have golden sunshine. We settle down with a good book and a cuppa when it’s raining.

But there are real, fast-moving and delightful possibilities if you seek them out. The blur of sheets of rain – even, if you’re a passenger, clouds of spray on a busy motorway. The rush of water along a gutter.
A few days ago, I wrote about photography at the cusp, dancing along the cliff edge. And that’s what I want to suggest to you today. When the clouds are gathering, shoot them. Photograph the sunbeams cutting through the gloom. Watch the bright patches moving across the landscape like a spotlight sweeping across a stage.

Sometimes, the rain hits while the sun is still creeping under the edge of clouds – it’s beautiful, very likely to disappear in seconds, so be ready for it. Have your camera out, chose your settings in advance, because the light won’t last long.

And after the rain, when the sun breaks through, there will be a shine and a glisten to everything. A moment to treasure, as Chrissie did with her shot…

You don’t need a weatherproof camera, though it certainly helps. But if you shield your kit until the last moment, and dry it off afterwards (paying particular attention to places where water might get in – round the shutter button, cracks between rings on the lens) it’s unlikely that you’ll suffer damage. You can even get a little rain cape that fits most camera/lens combinations – or you can lash one up for yourself with a couple of rubber bands and a polythene bag.


And here’s the link to the picture that set me thinking:—-are-we-2020-abstracted-vision—60543909

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