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dudler’s latest blog : the beauty that we miss


The beauty that we miss

28 Aug 2020 5:54AM  
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Over the last few months, all of us have been staying close to home, and we’ve had the opportunity to study our local environment more than usual. We’ve not been rushing anywhere (medical professionals apart), so we’ve a chance to perceive beautiful things that we might have rushed by twelve months ago.

So – to some extent – at least a few more people will have seen how the light changes during the day on their living room wall, or how the wind alters the shape of the trees, or the way that light glances off an ornament. People who hadn’t done that before…

That’s been an opportunity for us to examine the world more closely, and to record them. Some have embraced it: restrictions have channelled their creativity. Others were there already: people who have minds that allow them to see beauty in the things and places the rest of us miss. And people with great creative drive who went looking where it wasn’t apparent that there was a subject.

It’s a talent: the people who have it are a little bemused by the way the rest of us think they create something from (apparently) nothing. Can be offended by the way we talk about making the mundane beautiful.

But let’s look at what we can do now…

Walk slowly, look around. Either keep your mobile ‘phone in your pocket, or stop if you really have to look at it. Park yourself out of the way to take a call or check a text. And while you’re stopped, look around. There’s a subject waiting there…

And you can make it beautiful. More correctly, you can find, appreciate, and share it.


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