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Hands-On With the New Panasonic LUMIX S5: Just How Good Is It?

Hands-On With the New Panasonic LUMIX S5: Just How Good Is It?

Panasonic has just announced the S5, which packs a huge amount of features into a very compact body and at a very compelling price. To get a few insights into how it performs, check out this hands-on review.

The camera industry isn’t exactly short of full-frame mirrorless cameras that are great for hybrid shooting, but the S5 is definitely a welcome addition, bringing many of the features of the S1, S1R, and S1H into a small and lightweight body. Perhaps most importantly, it’s on sale at just under $2,000, presenting stiff competition to the array of cameras that are battling it out in and around this price point. To check out all of the specifications, click here.

As discussed in some detail in this video from the gents at DPReview, what most Panasonic fans will want to know is what changes have been made to the autofocus system. While Panasonic has been pioneering in some of its technology in the last couple of years, autofocus is one area where it is regarded as somewhat behind the likes of Sony and Canon, relying on a contrast-detect system that has a tendency to pulse and hunt. Be sure to check the video to see what improvements have been made and whether Panasonic has caught up.

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