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How Good Is the Nikon Z 5 as a Camera for Wedding Photography?

How Good Is the Nikon Z 5 as a Camera for Wedding Photography?

In July, Nikon announced the Z 5, an entry-level, compact, mirrorless full frame camera. It doesn’t ditch too many of the high-end specs of its more expensive siblings, but how does it perform as a tool for shooting weddings?

Taylor Jackon shoots a vast number of weddings each year so his thoughts on how the Z 5 functions as a wedding photographer’s camera offer some valuable insights. What’s refreshing for me is that Jackson frequently shoots in HD and doesn’t feel that his clients are missing out by not filming in 4K — something that the Z 5 only does at 30fps and with a 1.7x crop.

While it’s slightly more expensive than its direct competition, the Canon EOS RP, the Z 5 offers one huge advantage to a wedding photographer: dual card slots. Card failures are rare but there probably isn’t too many wedding photographers who are comfortable not having some redundancy, especially when it’s pretty much a default feature in so many other cameras.

Add in IBIS and weather sealing and the Z 5 feels much more like a professional choice despite its reduced specifications, while the RP perhaps feels more like a solid back-up body.

Are you shooting on the Z 5 or are you pondering purchase? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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