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How To Use Lighting Successfully In Your Lensball Photography

How To Use Lighting Successfully In Your Lensball Photography

A Lensball is a brilliant photography tool that will make your photography more creative – it’s a crystal ball which acts as an external wide-angle lens capturing your world in 180 degrees.


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Refractique is continuing their series of tips on how to use lensballs creatively so sit back and enjoy their latest instalment of advice. 


Tip 2: Lighting Advice 

Lighting is critical with any type of photography as you know, however, it’s a topic you really need to understand the specifics on with Lensball Photography as it can really make or break a good lensball photo! 

This is due to the use of the lensball’s crystal composition. It can be absolutely beautiful and work well for you, or be an absolute nuisance! To make it work you want to have the light coming through from in front or behind the Lensball. This is opposed to shooting when the sun is up high on a very sunny day for example! The reflections will become a hindrance in that case, whereas the light coming through the ball for example at sunrise or sunset can be particularly appealing. You can take lensball photos in the middle of the day but it’s just a case of considering where you’re positioned – if it’s particularly sunny then use a bit of cloud cover for example.

 Again, like most things experience and taking different shots in various environmental settings, days and times of day will give you a much better understanding of what works! It is particularly critical though which is why we wanted to place this near the top of the list of tips! 

 Tune in again tomorrow when we will delve into some post-editing advice specifically for lensball photography!   


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