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johnriley1uk’s latest blog : a bridge not too far

johnriley1uk's latest blog : cool activities on the streets of manchester


A Bridge Not Too Far

3 Dec 2020 9:24AM  
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We’ve had a look at various compact cameras, and there’s a lot to be said for travelling light. We walk further and explore more places without a huge camera bag or backpack dragging us down. Of course there are quality and verstility issues, which is why we do it, but for general image making that allows for most subjects to be tackled in one lens, the compact is hard to beat. Unless of course it’s the Bridge Camera. Now we have a little more bulk and weight but more scope than most for long telephoto shots, ultra close-ups and sometimes more control over exposure modes and other features. We started off with bridge cameras, using the excellent Fuji S602 Pro, with its 3MP sensor that pretended to be 6MP, but which sold us on digital image making. Those first bridge cameras cost us over £600 each, a staggering amount really for what they were.

The shelves have no bridge cameras on them now that are actually in use and the last one was the Pentax X90. The DSLR has firmly taken over, in this houehold anyway. But I did have a look at the X90 images and I’ll share those with you now. There is clearly some potential in the do-anything bridge camera, along no doubt with its macro to ultra-telephoto aspirations.

We start off with an early morning visit to the metal bridge over the canal at Worsley.












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