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A Most Important Accessory

1 Sep 2020 3:46PM  
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Sometimes I see this accessory being misued as it sits reversed on a lens, quite useless for its intended function, and yet the photographer still leaves themselves burdened by its presence. This item I speak of is the humble Lenshood. This does two vital things. First it excludes stray and unwanted light from the front of the lens, reducing flare and increasing contrast. It’s true that modern lenses have very superior coating technology and in some cases the hood makes virtually no difference in this respect, but in other cases it makes a very definite difference. Second, it is usually plastic, which gives a little under impact, so if the front of the lens hits some other object it will act as a shock absorber and protect the lens from damage. Metal hoods don’t have any flexibility so don’t help, but do look as though they are wonderful bits of engineering. Sometimes, in a functional sense, plastic is best.

So here’s a homage to lenshoods, may they always sit proudly on the front of our lenses!







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