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johnriley1uk’s latest blog : a new lens, a new look

johnriley1uk's latest blog : cool activities on the streets of manchester


A New Lens, a New Look

22 Aug 2020 12:15AM  
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Inspiration comes in many ways, and sometimes a new purchase can generate its own impetus and give us a new look at a familiar place. Thus we find ourselves looking at the familiar sights od the Bridgewater Canal at Worsley, but through the eyes of a new old lens. Armed with the Pentax K-1 and the SMC Pentax-FA 24-90mm lens we headed for the familiar but came away with more. Originally I had a copy of this lens and used it on film SLRs, where I found it a cut above the concept of the “kit lens”. When digital arrived, initially the idea of a 12-24mm and 24-90mm pairing up seemed like a good idea, but unfortunately the changeover point of 24mm (36mm equivalent) proved awkward as that sort of focal length is a standard lens for APS-C. So both lenses were often the wrong one in any given situation. Now we use full frame, the problem has gone away and 24-90mm is a very attractive choice for a standard zoom. So I now have a very nice copy of the lens and it should do very good service.

Here’s a selection of shots from a stroll around Worsley on Thursday evening.











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