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johnriley1uk’s latest blog : the merry dance of yahoo!

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The Merry Dance of Yahoo!

29 Aug 2020 12:18AM  
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One of the things Sue used to find, if she hadn’t used her desktop for a while, when she did sit down she spent so much time updating that she felt like giving up. I had my own Merry dance with the PC yesterday, and it was actually Adobe who started it off with wanting me to reinstall Creative Cloud. That took an eternity, or so it seemed, but that obstacle passed we started on the Merry Dance of Yahoo! My logon was out of date because they have upped their security and I wanted to access my e-mails via Windows Mail. Right. So first off to Yahoo to get a code to allow access. Then we needed an upgrade to Windows 10 because only the latest version will support what Yahoo have done. You can continue to work while this is done say Microsoft, but at a snail’s pace they forget to mention. Anyway, my helpful Windows Upgrade Assistant counted the percentages all night. Hours later it said 78% and I went to bed.

This morning, all seems well, Yahoo is being accessed, the Windows upgrade seems OK and things are back up to speed, but what a nuiscance it all is. But despite the slow speed of “continuing to work” I did manage to get a couple of images done last night, and I’ll share them with you now!

Sue poses for a lens review

As does my mum

I am now hoping for a short period at least, free of sudden upgrades and other interruptions. We shall see!

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