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johnriley1uk’s latest blog : the remains of trentham hall

johnriley1uk's latest blog : the cameras with the wonderful lenses

The Remains of Trentham Hall

28 Aug 2021 12:52AM  
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Initially, I wondered why this grand looking structure had not been maintained as it still has a roof, still has some glass in the windows, and doesn’t seem a total loss. Then I discovered that this is just the remains of the orangery and the massive structure that was Trentham Hall was demolished around 1910-1912. Do look it up because the whole of the building is an amazing contruction. Was an amazing construction, but there are plenty of images on Google.

There’s a great shot to be had looking down the arches from the top of the steps, but unfortunately a gate now blocks the way. Here’s what I managed to shoot a couple of days ago during out trip to Trentham Monkey Forest and Trentham Gardens.








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