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johnriley1uk’s latest blog : tps at the nec

johnriley1uk's latest blog : the cameras with the wonderful lenses

TPS at the NEC

18 Sep 2021 11:46PM  
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We made a flying visit to The Photography Show at the NEC, and this blog is just a brief glance to show the state of play. We did wonder if there would be many people there, and there were actually quite a few, but not in the congested sense of past years. We arrived at about 11:15 and there were no queues to get in, either on the approach roads or at the doors of the exhibition. The shuttle buses were not full. At the doors we showed our evidence of two vaccinations, in our case using the MyGP App on our iPhones. We were given a green band to signify that we were OK and then the ID badges were scanned at the hall entrance. Inside, it was easy to find people on the stands to talk to without running the gauntlet of crowds.

Having said that, the talks were popular, especially on the Nikon stand, one of the few places that was packed out with people. Canon, Fuji and Olympus were busy but not too busy and Sue was happy to be helped by one of the two Clares, one of the Olympus Vloggers. The food areas were offering a variety of expensive options, and for once we were able to find a table without any hassle at all.

I shot a few general images on my trusty Pentax MX-1 compact, and here they are.









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