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johnriley1uk’s latest blog : when is a landscape not a landscape?

johnriley1uk's latest blog : the cameras with the wonderful lenses

When is a landscape not a landscape?

14 Jun 2021 5:22PM  
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Categories. Labels. Generally, this is the stuff that we can debate for ever but is at the very core of most competitions. Of course, there is always the designation Open, which indicates anything goes, but when we start to apply labels then the difficulty of definition is there from the start. The usual descriptions are Landscape, Portrait, Record, Still Life, Wildlife, and so on, each one fraught with difficulties. Record is one that bamboozles many a club photographer, arguments that run from every image being a record of what was in front of the camera to the strict definition of a reproduction of an object showing its form so that it could be rebuilt from the image, that is, a realistic record. Then we ask does a landscape include seascapes, cityscapes……..Or does portrait include groups of people, if so how many, or does it include portraits of pets and animals in general……

It all goes to show how we love to apply labels to things, to define them. I’m going to look for some images now to label and if we’re lucky I might find some that challenge the perception of the groups and widen our thoughts about these narrow categories.

Candlelit Glamour, portrait or low light?

No Escape, what category? Creative?

Cyber Blues. Record?

Alice In Wonderland. Portrait? Reportage?

Cassie with Red Gels. Portrait? Creative?

Urban Exploration. Record? Creative? Reportage?

Most Haunted. Reportage? Portrait? Creative?

Best Men. Portrait? Creative? Social? reportage?


I’m trying to move away from labels and categories, as much as possible anyway. What they all are could be described as images.

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