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Learn How To Use A Lensball With This Handy Top Tip

Learn How To Use A Lensball With This Handy Top Tip

A Lensball can be a very fun and creative photography tool and for those who’ve never used one, we’re going to be sharing a series of tips on how you can do just that.


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12 Apostles in Victoria, Australia


A Lensball is a brilliant photography tool that will make your photography more creative – it’s a crystal ball which acts as an external wide-angle lens capturing your world in 180 degrees. 

Refractique will be providing a series of tips so you get comfortable with how to use a lensball and understand how to get the most out of your lensball photography! 


Tip 1: How to use a Lensball


1. Simply hold up the lensball, place it on a flat surface or use one of our Lensball Stands to sit it on (this stand can be screwed onto a tripod or just used on a flat surface). 

2. Position yourself in front of the subject and then just shoot through the ball with either your mobile phone or DSLR camera! 

3. When you are positioning yourself think about the distance between yourself and the subject. The further the distance the crisper and more defined the image, however, if you are looking to eliminate background you will want to get closer to create a more distorted look.

Sometimes it’s nice to compose the photo so that the lensball is sitting on the left or right and then you can contrast the image inside the ball with the background. You can see an example above with the 12 Apostles in Victoria, Australia. In this case, the image inside the ball has also been focused on with bokeh (blur) in the background (we will discuss camera settings and focus in the coming days!). The image inside the lensball has also been flipped (post-production with lensball photography will also be discussed in coming days). 

Bonus: Getting up close can be just as creative and an example of this can be seen in the Sydney Harbour Bridge photo below. 

We hope you enjoyed today’s tip and we’ll be back with more lensball photography advice tomorrow. 


Sydney Harbour Bridge

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