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acancarter’s latest blog : my first art show!

acancarter's latest blog : 'follow' - making an interactive print

My First Art Show!

12 Oct 2021 5:33PM  
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I’ve just participated in my first Art Show – The South Northants Art Trail Art Trail . This year there were 20 locations, with 51 participating artists (including a few photographers). I’m not sure what the total footfall was, but our location in Blisworth, with 9 of us exhibiting, had around 800 visitors. This wasn’t about making money – it was the opportunity to put together a display and to talk to visitors about my work. I hoped that having artists (as well as photographers) look at the images might give a different perspective.

This Art Trail was a great place to start. The costs were low and the organisation and publicity provided by Mike and Jenny at Vitreus Art in Towcester was brilliant. It was hard work preparing all the images – printing, framing, labelling… as well as making greeting cards using selected images. The event itself was over 10 days and needed nearly full time attention as well as setting up and breaking down. Ready for a good long nap now!

The bottom line was that this was absolutely great. I’d thoroughly recommend having a go at something like this if the opportunity arises. I made friends, bonded with all the other exhibitors, had very interesting and exciting feedback from visitors and had the pleasure of selling some images to people that liked them and wanted them in their homes!

I thought it might be interesting to share a few observations and thoughts on this. For those of you who have looked at my portfolio you will have seen some light painting images made with a photographically recording harmonograph. You can see more images on my gallery. I featured these images on the stand, as they are very unusual and eye catching and don’t really look like photographs. Below is an overview of the stand. I had maybe more than my fair share of space as I promised to bring in and demonstrate the harmonograph. It was quickly termed ‘The Mesmeriser’ by the others!

Having the demonstration on the stand worked extremely well. A typical reaction when I told people ‘these are all photographs’ was ‘What of?’ so I could show them, and most understood instantly what I was doing after seeing the demo; they then explored the images with renewed interest and understanding! Here is a photo of me explaining things…they all seem to be listening.

I tried to keep the prices as low as possible, to make the images more accessible. I’m fortunate to be able to print the images myself as well as to make the frames. These weren’t ‘Gallery’ prices and there was no way I could make a living out of this, but I certainly covered my material useage and made a significant dent in the costs of my next lens!

It was really interesting to watch people deciding on purchase. I may have had a few too many images on display, so making choice harder. I found it difficult to decide what to use and what to leave out. Some people went straight for the image that caught their eye. Some went for the colour images, some the nearer mono ones. Having a few landscape, floral and macro shots gave diversity. The triptych ‘Sing Dance Fly’ was very popular, especially when I treated them to Fabio’s sonification Sonification and told them the story! The ‘interactive’ print ‘Follow’ ‘Follow’ was also very popular, and a real draw with both children and adults – I now have to make a couple more. I tried to keep the frames neutral – they were all waxed or oiled Walnut. Inevitably some would have liked much lighter frames, others very dark. Inevitably a few sales were lost as a result. Maybe I should have had a few alternative frames to show – not to swap out in real time, but to be delivered after the event.

Another great investment (and I have to thank one of the other exhibitors for this) is a tin of sweets on the stand. Went down a treat. Having cards was good too. Another exhibitor suggested I put a few words in with each, and not to obscure this with the envelope when putting it into the sleeve. First thing most people do when selecting a card is to turn it over and read the back!

Good, readable, titles with a few words on each image worked well, giving an ‘in’ to talk about the image and why I had chosen it… but the labels have to be quite large to be readable.

I used a low cost card reader as an alternative to cash for payments – very simple to use, secure and reliable. Mine was from SumUp; I’m sure there are others available.

This was great fun and rewarding overall, and I’d really recommend you have a go if you get the opportunity. As we all say – What is the point of a Photograph if you don’t share it?!

Thanks for taking the time to look at this; I’d be very interested in your thoughts and comments.

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acancarter’s latest blog : sing, dance, fly – sonification by fabio

acancarter's latest blog : 'follow' - making an interactive print

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Sing, Dance, Fly – Sonification by Fabio

10 Jul 2021 8:32AM  
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A great aspect of this site is the feedback, suggestions, friendships and collaborations that arise. Yesterday I posted a triptych captured using my harmonograph platform. This was entitled ‘Sing, Dance, Fly’ as each part of the image seemed to be evocative of these elements.

Sing, Dance, Fly

Fabio – who posts dark, interesting and minutely observed images – was very taken with this and has created a ‘Sonification’. It is abstract, outwardly, almost alien and fits the image in my mind brilliantly. The sound file is here


Maybe look at the image and listen at the same time? The Harmonograph was invented by the Victorians as a way of visualising musical notes and intervals. My project connected the musical aspect of the harmonograph to the visual through photography; now Fabio has linked the image back to music and sound – we have gone full circle! What do you think?

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acancarter’s latest blog : ‘follow’ – making an interactive print

acancarter's latest blog : 'follow' - making an interactive print

‘Follow’ – making an Interactive print

29 Jun 2021 12:47PM  
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I’ve uploaded a number of images from my ‘harmony of Light’ project using my home built Harmonograph platform. ‘Follow’ is one of the recent ones ‘Follow’.

I noticed with this image, especially when printed, that it had a rather mesmerising quality when rotated. I tried this as a gif, which demonstrated the principle, but my real idea was to make an ‘Interactive’ print, so viewers could try rotating it, moving it etc.

I bought a couple of ‘lazy Susan’ bearings, only a couple of pounds each, and built the mechanism from MDF. 331023_1624966919.jpg
A perspex disc was used for the glazing. The print needed to be 400mm wide to match the disc, so from the roll feed on the Epson P800 331023_1624967002.jpg

Then all assembled, little bit of lubrication, glass clips to secure…and

I hope you like it and it doesn’t give you motion sickness. I think it has quite a 3D feel to it particularly when rotated anticlockwise.

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