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robert51’s latest blog : the tie in between images, songs and one liners.

robert51's latest blog : is it time to start shooting in the raw...


The tie in between images, songs and one liners.

25 Jul 2021 8:27AM  
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This is something I have to admit I do a lot and I was wondering is others are so inclined.
I will often see an image and a song, lyric or song title pops into my head. This is very much the same feeling with one liners from tv or films and I was wondering how much this has to do with the way that these have been instilled in our heads. We listening to music and if it’s something we like we often something we play over and over again. How many of use can sing every word to an old Beatles song or are they still getting no satisfaction (Rolling Stones). This repeats it self with films we watch with classics like “We will always have Paris” or I’ll never go hungry are” and Michial Caine is “Still blowing the bloody doors off”.
So the question I ask is often is this the trigger for an image title, puts a music worm into your head for the rest of the day or the image is the trigger to other things…


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