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johnriley1uk’s latest blog : remnants of a previous life

johnriley1uk's latest blog : cool activities on the streets of manchester

Remnants of a Previous Life

25 Nov 2020 3:54PM  
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I was just musing, and there’s plenty of time to do that in Lockdown, that considering I was involved in Dentistry for most of four decades, there were only a few random fragments of that left around. I used to sell materials and equipment to the Dental Profession and as a consequence samples and demo items accumulate. I don’t throw things away, so I wondered what was left. There are a couple of Espe Elastomer Spatulas, used for mixing impression materials, that have been used as butter knives for many years, but they don’t count as they are still in daily use.

The Kurers, highly respected Manchester based dentists get a couple of mentions. This is an over-size model of their Kurer K4 Anchor, a post sytem for restoring teeth.

and this is the Kurer Ceramicolor Contact Point instrument, used with composite materials.

It’s a random and maybe interesting fact that Hans and Peter Kurers’ aunt, Margaret Stone, was my first primary school teacher.

I still have a few dental instruments, in a nice leather folder that was obtained for me by the distributer. It’s too good to throw away!

Models of crowns and bridges for demo purposes.




Some gorgeous catalogues of instruments and rotary instruments that again are too good to dispose of. Here’s three of them.

And finally an advertising campaign for exciting false teeth in the form of a postcard sent out to dentists in 1954. It’s an odd one, printed of course but pretending to be hand written and both daring and cutting edge and yet quaintly old-fashioned, all at the same time. This predates when I was working by many years, but was given to me by one of my customers as an item of interest. I still have it, so the gesture was clearly appreciated.


Meanwhile, I could do with a couple of replacement Espe Elastomer Spatulas (aka Impregum Spatulas) as my two “butter knives” are wearing out, so if anyone is listening…….Smile

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Low key

dudler's latest blog : mirrorless - and why they?re (arguably) better

Low key 1

Let’s start with a definition: a low-key picture which has predominantly darker tones. It isn’t just underexposure: most successful high-key pictures have a few small areas of brightness –…

Low key 2 Low key 3 Low key 4 Low key 5

Low key 6

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Save Big With These Black Friday Discounts on SLR Lounge’s Fantastic Photography Tutorials and Visual Flow Presets

Save Big With These Black Friday Discounts on SLR Lounge's Fantastic Photography Tutorials and Visual Flow Presets

Our friends at SLR Lounge make some of the best photography tutorials out there, with practical, actionable techniques and education and loads of examples from seasoned and respected professionals. There has never been a better time to improve your own work, as SLR Lounge’s tutorials are now available at a significant discount for Black Friday.

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It’s a great time to stock up! Check out the links above for the savings. 

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Poking Fun at Terrible Photography Missions in Video Games

Poking Fun at Terrible Photography Missions in Video Games

Many pop-culture references to photography tend to get it wrong, and this 30-second video perfectly encapsulates how silly video game photography missions can be.

While funny, there seems to be a real disconnect with how game designers view photography. With older games like Metal Gear Solid, the scenes can feel tedious and unrealistic:

It’s not even older games that struggle with photography, though. Modern games like the newly-released Call of Duty: Cold War use photography as a trope that mainly serves as mission filler and takes away from the main reason someone would play the game.

But for every stack of games that get it wrong, some games do a very good job integrating photography into the base of a game. The obvious first example would be Pokemon Snap. The upcoming sequel to the extremely popular Nintendo 64 game may not give players all the options real photographers would expect to find in a camera, but it does put significant emphasis on understanding subject placement and visual interest.

One final older game that integrated photography extremely well into an action-adventure game was Beyond Good and Evil. The platformer expertly combined other gameplay elements with photography-based gameplay that was neither a distraction nor filler. Few games balance its integration as well as Beyond Good and Evil did.

What video games do you think hilariously get photography wrong? What about your favorites that get it right? Let us know what you think in the comments.

(via Reddit Videos)

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johnriley1uk’s latest blog : places – shropshire union canal at ellesmere port

johnriley1uk's latest blog : cool activities on the streets of manchester


Places – Shropshire Union Canal at Ellesmere Port

24 Nov 2020 11:46AM  
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There was a period of a few years when Sue and I were exploring the canal system. There were many disused and derelict places to see and these were a fantastic source of images. If we travel along the Shropshire Union canal main line, eventually we arrive at the basins and locks that lead down to the Manchester Ship Canal, and it is here that the Boat Museum found its home. It’s a while since we did the canals, so on the agenda after lockdown ends is some canal walking, and also hopefully another holiday on a narrowboat. Last time we did Llangollen and back within a week, perhaps something else next time.

Meanwhile, as a taster, I’ve reprocessed some images from our last visit to the Boat Museum.










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dudler’s latest blog : remote shooting part 2

dudler's latest blog : mirrorless - and why they?re (arguably) better

Remote shooting part 2

24 Nov 2020 7:04AM  
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Yesterday, I spent an hour in a Zoom meeting taking remote pictures of Vampire Princess: it worked rather well, I think. It’s important that she is techie-minded, and understands what she’s doing with the Zoom link, so that I didn’t really need to. Because she’d shot remotely before, she was right on top of her technology, and had her Canon camera linked to her computer: all the controls were available on my screen, and I was able to adjust the camera with the aid of my mouse.

Yes, there’s a delay with everything, but with a good model – like Kay – it isn’t a big issue. And the delay isn’t great, in reality. Most people don’t shoot terribly fast, in any case… More thought, fewer frames is a pretty good maxim.


I shot at a rate of slightly more than one frame a minute, and that’s fine: I was learning as I went. And I feel that with several really good frames in the bag, my costs were well justified. But I would normally take rather more frames, with slight variations. For direct comparison, a one-hour shoot with VP in June, at an outdoor location, gave 141 frames, even after deducting walking time from cars to the location and back.

The wonders of modern Broadband meant that I had the RAW files downloaded around 20 minutes after we finished shooting. In some ways it’s a disadvantage shooting with a strange camera and lens, of course: VP’s Canon is rather different from my Alpha 7, though working with live view reduces the apparent differences.


VP was shooting in her bedroom, which has the advantage of black walls – at least, it’s an advantage for my preferred sort of low-key work. Lighting was a single Rotolight, supplemented by a little daylight for most shots. With the camera on a tripod, the necessary slow shutter speeds aren’t a big deal. Speedlights complicate matters, as you can’t see the effect you’ll get, though studio flash with modelling lamps will rock it (as they usually do).

My usual style of shooting relies on fine adjustments of camera angle and focus point: obviously, that’s not possible with a camera on a tripod. It was necessary to allow a larger ‘dead’ area all round the subject – though I caught myself out once or twice, and have sub-optimal framing in one or two shots.


A big issue could have been that I was shooting with an 18mp camera and a standard zoom, and I’m used to using a 42mp camera with an 85mm lens on the front. Did it matter? To be completely honest, not really. Most pictures succeed or fail on the basis of their content, rather than absolute technical quality: and while I reckon 24mp is where film starts to lose out to digital, once cameras reached 12mp, quality was usually perfectly adequate for any shot that doesn’t require fine detail to be beautifully sharp.

One thing I missed until we altered the setup – if you’re using a relatively weak artificial light source like a Rotolight, it’s important to kill all other light sources. The drama of our setup increased markedly when I saw that the curtains were open, as the daylight was providing a significant additional light source!

Would I do it again? Yes, I would. Should you? Very possibly: though you need to be sure what you’re getting in technical terms. The deal I had meant that I got RAW files rapidly, and with virtual links that worked well: I can vouch for the Zoom/Digicam combination. And it’s worth being sure that your model understands what she’s doing with her kit, and that you are happy with what’s on offer. I know of at least one other model offering similarly sophisticated hardware and an incisive mind of the sort this needs at the model’s end to make it work.


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johnriley1uk’s latest blog : models in repose

johnriley1uk's latest blog : cool activities on the streets of manchester

Models in Repose

23 Nov 2020 2:50PM  
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I suppose we all have certain shots that it’s worthwhile using again and again and one that has always appealed to me is the model in repose. The Granddaughter previously Known as Sophie (now Jordan) has been particularly good at pretending to be asleep in various locations. Other variations are endless, but the lying down poses can be very attractive.

I’ve found a few examples to show you, not many as it’s not something I shoot all the time, but just when the location or situation suggests it as a Good Idea.

Jordan finds a perfect place to pretend to snooze in.

Jordan just in the middle of the restored floor at a previously ruined house

Tyler just relaxes, which is fine for making a great shape to the pose.

Jordan feigning sleep out on the cobbled bridge at Worsley.

Jordan ar Arley Hall on the Woodland Walk.

This time Jordan in the boot of the car.

A totally different reason for the pose. I am on a ladder looking down at the model and the images has then been turned through 180 degrees to make the effect stranger.

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The Best Photography Offers & Products From Companies Supporting ePz In November (And Beyond)

The Best Photography Offers & Products From Companies Supporting ePz In November (And Beyond)

The Best Photography Offers & Products From Companies Supporting ePz In November (And Beyond) 8

We round-up the best offers, deals and new products available from companies supporting ePHOTOzine in November. This includes amazing Advent Calendars from Pixum, 12% off the Refractique Lensball and 85% off photo products!

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Save 12% off all Refractique’s Products

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FREE Alta Battery Case worth £15

FREE Vanguard Alta Battery Case Offer

Vanguard are offering a FREE Alta Battery Case worth £15 for anyone who spends £50 or more on any Vanguard camera bag(s) between 1st to 30th November from ANY UK dealer, or from their website. For more information, please click here and #MakeUpYourOwnMind

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MEIKE 50mm F/1.2 Full Frame Manual Focus Prime Lens

MEIKE 50mm F/1.2 Full Frame Manual Focus Prime Lens

The Meike 50mm f/1.2 full-frame manual focus prime lens is now available.


  • Focal Length: 50mm
  • Lens Construction: 12 elements in 7 groups
  • Aperture Range: f/1.2-f/22
  • Diaphragm Blades: 10
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.6m
  • Filter Size: 67
  • Product Size: 73*98mm (E), 73*96mm (RF), 73*100mm (Z), 73*72mm (EF)
  • FOV on FF Cameras: Diagonal 47° Horizontal 39° Vertical 26°
  • FOV on APS-C Cameras: Diagonal 33° Horizontal 26° Vertical 17°
  • Weight: Approx. 620g
  • Fit mount: E/ RF/ Z/ L/ EF-mount

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Show You Care This Christmas with Custom Photo Gifts

Show You Care This Christmas with Custom Photo Gifts

In these uncertain times, spreading the love is more important than ever – and personalized Christmas gifts are one of the best ways to show your affection! This year, finding the perfect custom Christmas gift is made easy, thanks to discounts on photo gifts for every taste and budget at Their wide range of bargain Christmas gifts includes:

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LEE Filters Black Friday

Best Black Friday Deals From LEE Filters! 

There are some amazing LEE Filters Black Friday finds via their worldwide dealer network this weekend.

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Amazon Deals

Best Photography Deals On Amazon – Deals Of The Week

To further help you find the best photography bargains that are out there to be had, ePHOTOzine has put together a ‘Best Photography Deals’ article, which we’ll update regularly as and when new deals are available.

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Why Denmark Is the Fantastic Landscape Photography Country You Will Never Visit

Why Denmark Is the Fantastic Landscape Photography Country You Will Never Visit

There has never been a better time to stay home and explore your own country. That is what I did and what I found was incredible!

We have a saying in Denmark that our country is beautiful, but for many years I had a hard time describing it as photogenic. I had an outward look and all the epic landscape photos I saw on the internet, that I could only dream of photographing one day, inspired me. Epic vistas from the U.S., Iceland, Norway, the Alps, and many other exotic locations were all I saw and in that way influenced me to think of Denmark as small and boring. Denmark is also the most cultivated country in Europe. This can give the impression that the landscapes are rather monotone and it is easy to accept the narrative that the country is just hills and fields. However, by traveling a lot, I have rediscovered my home country and by photographing a lot outside of Denmark, I have honed my skills as a landscape photographer and I am now able to recognize the good photograph within my own borders.

Why Denmark Is the Fantastic Landscape Photography Country You Will Never Visit 9

Why It Is Fantastic

As I have spent quite a lot of time in both Iceland and the Faroe Islands for landscape photography, I have been used to mountains, waterfalls, epic cliff sides, glaciers, northern lights, black sand, and everything else popular on social media. Denmark does not have these kinds of epic vistas. However, what we do have are forests, endless beaches, areas with big dunes, many kinds of cultivated landscapes, long rolling hills, areas with very flat landscapes, photogenic architecture, and all kinds of seasonal European vegetation growing in the temperate climate zone. Many of these landscapes are not what you would define as “epic”, but most of them still have something beautiful about them. Be sure to check out the gallery below to see what I mean.

Why Denmark Is the Fantastic Landscape Photography Country You Will Never Visit 10

We of course also get all the different types of weather and lighting conditions known from the temperate zone. Everything from warm summer days, over autumn colors, snowy winter periods, and spring bloom. It is these seasonal and weather events in combination with the many beautiful areas and non-iconic specific locations, which can make for some incredible photos. Just like in the rest of the world! Check out the video above to see what I have in my backyard.

Why Denmark Is the Fantastic Landscape Photography Country You Will Never Visit 11

This is of course not “landscape photography rocket science”, but it did still require some experience for me to reach the point, where I could see the potential in my local landscapes. Furthermore, awaken an interest in photographing the local landscapes, as it was the epic vistas that got me into landscape photography in the first place.

Why Denmark Is the Fantastic Landscape Photography Country You Will Never Visit 12

Why You Will Never Visit

Denmark gets many tourists, especially from our neighboring countries (Germany, Norway, Sweden, and The Netherlands), but for landscape photography, Denmark is just not particularly unique. Yes, we do have a few unique places like the lighthouse being swallowed by a dune and maybe some special trees here or there, but dunes, forests, beaches, long rolling hills, and cultivated landscapes can be found in many places in the world both close to and far away from Denmark. Obviously, countries without oceans do not have beaches, but they likely have something else that I would consider exotic. That could be desserts, mountains, or waterfalls.

Why Denmark Is the Fantastic Landscape Photography Country You Will Never Visit 13

Despite all this, my portfolio from Denmark is fast becoming my favorite and in many ways also my most unique. I do not rely on the “epic” and iconic location in itself, but many other factors such as season, weather, light, composition, exploration (to find those special and beautiful places of photographic interest), and sometimes that secret ingredient where everything just comes together. Denmark (and almost all other countries) are fantastic exactly because they contain “common” landscapes and thereby the possibility for unique photos – you just need to put in the work.

Why Denmark Is the Fantastic Landscape Photography Country You Will Never Visit 14

That is what I want you to take away from this article. Your country might not be anything special to you. It might not be anything special to the rest of us but it is your photographic skills, which makes the heavy lifting when it comes to incredible and unique landscape photography.

If you are interested in more inspiration and photography tips and tricks from beautiful Denmark, which you can apply to your own, be sure to watch my series “Photographing Denmark”. There is a link to my latest and greatest episode above.

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raxyryan’s latest blog : 1866>


Exclusive Offer – 20% Off Mitsubishi CP-M15E Printer Bundle!



23 Nov 2020 4:59PM  
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