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Top 5 bizarre food trends of 2015

Top 5 bizarre food trends of 2015

butter coffee

Year 2015 is already turning out to be an adventurous and attention-grabbing year for food and drinks. The culinary industry has been hard at work to find out-of-this-world and yet, delicious new ways to satisfy our hard-to-please palate. So get ready to say hello to these new whacky food trends you’ve probably never heard of:

1. Butter Coffee

It’s time to shove the milk and put that dollop of butter in your early morning coffee. Haven’t you heard of this yet? Butter in your coffee! Sounds gross, right? Well, it’s the latest health fad introduced by the fans of the paleo diet. But, mind you. The butter has to be unsalted and the coffee beans have to be low-toxin, not the one you get on your supermarket shelves.

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