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Top Lensball Photography Tips For Post Production

Top Lensball Photography Tips For Post Production

Find out how you can improve your lensball photos using post-editing techniques, including flipping the image that’s inside the lensball.


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So, you’ve captured your amazing lensball photo and now you want to add that extra level of ‘wow’ to impress your friends with and, as you’ll find out in Refractique’s latest blog post, it’s actually really easy to add a little ‘pop’ to your lensball photos, you just need a photo editor and a little know-how which the team will hopefully give you. 

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Tip 3: Lensball Photography Post-Editing

The full range of post-editing techniques tends to apply with lensball photography however there are a few that are particularly common and useful with Lensball Photography. 

Cropping is probably the most important as in some cases you want to focus more on what’s inside the lensball and in others such as a landscape photo, you may want to show the best part of a background such as a sunset and crop out say the other side with a stray person in the way! 

Exposure refers to the brightness of the image and in lensball photography, you want to play around with this in some cases to lighten or darken up photos. 

Saturation is all about emphasising colours and normally we don’t recommend overdoing things in this case but in certain cases, you may like to emphasise colours by increasing saturation slightly. Oppositely, you might want to emphasise dank weather by reducing saturation. 

There is then a range of lensball specific post-editing techniques such as flipping the image inside the lensball! This involves mainly some layering techniques and you can head over to our handy lensball post-production article to learn how to do this – don’t worry it’s quite simple! We also cover a more advanced technique in the article which enables you to make the lensball appear to ‘float’. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post-production guidance! 


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