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topsyrm’s latest blog : 52 for 2021 week 33 another dartmoor photowalk


52 for 2021 Week 33 Another Dartmoor Photowalk

22 Aug 2021 10:49AM  
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This week’s Dartmoor jaunt saw us heading out from Batworthy Corner near Chagford, out past several Stone Rows then past Fernworthy Forrest over the ancient Clapper Bridge to Teigh Head Farm derelicts. I was not joined this week by Mrs T but had a friend along for the walk, Jonathan.

Stone Rows on Shovel Down.


The walk started from the parking area at the end of the long single track road to Batworthy Corner.


Past a Rowan Tree which sat in the edge of the farm enclosure.


Our strike off point was the corner of the enclosure.


At the edge of the enclosure we met a dog walker who told us of a track leading from Kestor Rock (seen in the distance)out to the Forrest, we chose to ignore this as it seemed a huge detour. So we set off on a straight route heading for some Settlements. The going was very tough through tussock grass and progress was slow. We also had wind in our faces carrying rain (not good for photography since I knew all my intended shots were into wind).


We pressed on heading for the Forrest but eventually gave in to the tussock grass and went to find the dog walker’s track. (Note to self don’t ignore local advice).

The spots on this image are raindrops, this was a constant problem throughout the outbound walk and on site at the farm.


The track led us to a gate in the dry stone wall.


We passed a memorial stone on the way dedicated to a Royal Marine RSM (Steve Perry) who died in 1992 whilst supervising a 30 Mile March which is one of the Commando Tests that RM Recruits have to pass in order to gain their coveted Green Beret.


We finally saw our target which was the derelict farm surrounded by trees.


The way over was via the ancient Clapper Bridge in the foreground.


The area has some interesting stone wall enclosures.



Once over the Clapper Bridge we headed up the track to the farm.


Up to the main gateway.


This is quite a large farm complex.



After lunch at the farm it was time to start back, via the Clapper Bridge again.



As we made our way back the 2 ½ miles to the cars the weather started to brighten up.


Unfortunately time was against us so we had to move on, this time we chose the track heading for Kestor Rock, the going was much easier. The small tree in the upper left of this image was the point where outbound we decided to find the dog walker’s track.


We came to a track junction that led us left back towards the cars rather than having to go up to Kestor Rock.


There were some Stone Rows on the last bit of the route.


Sadly though no Ponies or other wildlife showed themselves so I went out on Saturday to see if I could find some wildlife more local to me.



That’s all for this week folks.

Royal marines
Teign Head Farm

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