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Why Buying a Camera From Wish Is a Bad Idea

Why Buying a Camera From Wish Is a Bad Idea

Wish is a great place to go shopping if you’re looking for an odd assortment of Nicholas Cage themed home items, but it may not be the best place to go shopping for cameras, even in 2020 when cheap cameras should be a thing by now.

British YouTuber and technology comedian Ashens purchased four “cameras” off of shopping site Wish to give them a spin. Wish is home to some of the cheapest deals out there for pretty much everything out there, with the caveat that you’ll have to wait weeks for shipping, or in this case, seven months. The cameras ranged in price from $33 to $95.

Was it worth the wait? Sadly, no, the cameras were not. While the companies making these plastic pieces of junk seemed to style the cameras like mini versions of Canon or Fujifilm cameras, that’s where the similarities ended. Even then you’d only confuse these cameras for the real thing if you were extremely drunk and then some.

While the boxes boast “16 Megapixels” and a host of other features such as Full HD Video and White balance/explore/resolution (whatever that is), the only selling point that actually seems to be sort of true is the “webcam function,” in that the cameras are likely plastic shells built around low-rent webcams. The manuals offer a mix of bad English translations and outright wild lies and oddities (such as referring to an SD card as a “game card”).

Ashens points out that even his 2011-era Panasonic consumer-grade camcorder can outshoot these cameras that were purchased in 2020 from Wish. A quick disassembly of one of the cameras at the end of the video confirms the humble webcam origins of the camera and the mostly empty space inside the most SLR-looking model of camera.

The most expensive camera did seem to have a little more heft to it than the others, and it did actually shoot at the resolution it claimed (2.7K) but quality still was leagues behind a camera from a reputable brand like Panasonic, and it’s possible to purchase one of those on the used market for about as much money.

I’ve been able to find Panasonic mirrorless cameras for well within the range spent on these four cameras, and frankly, I’d take my Panasonic Lumix G1 over any of these cameras any day, even without the video.

I’ve seen these types of cameras as giveaways (my parents got something similar to the cheap camcorder-type model when opening a bank account) but it’s not quite clear who’s actually buying these cameras.

Maybe these are the new digital equivalents of Holgas, cameras that are loaded with limitations in the name of chasing art? I doubt that any of these cameras will last as long as a Holga though, given what’s seen on the inside. I could see it as a fun experiment, however.

Have you ever bought a camera from Wish? Leave your experience in the comments below.

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